There is no authentic quality without attention to what surrounds us. We always believe in it, and that is why our Environmental Management System provides concrete measures to foster a fully sustainable development.

Only recyclable molds

We For do not use the resin our molds, but only steel, cast iron and Zamak and Cerro Tru alloys, easily recyclable and therefore completely eco-friendly. In particular, the alloys are melted again inside the production and re-used each time.


Low-power laser cutting

The new machine for laser cutting, recently entered into production, has excellent energy-saving features, allowing optimal and intelligent use of resources.


Waste cycle management

All scraps of steel sheets, stainless steel and aluminum are totally sent to recycling.
Consumption materials such as rags, gloves and oils are disposed of through specialized and certified suppliers.
In company we support actively the recycling and the separate disposal of printer toner.