We realize and assemble metal sheet parts of cars and busses,  as prototype tools or small production,  starting from CAD drawings or finished parts.

We also realized:

  • Metal sheets workings generally
  • Dies for prototype and production
  • Trimming and laser cut by 5 Axes
  • Assembly of subgroups (steel and aluminum)

We use the most advanced design, planning and measurement software solutions.

– CAD: CATIA V.5, Siemens Unigraphics NX
– LIVE: Cutting Work NC
– 3D CAD View Station Viewer
– Cutting Software Laser: S.I. Engineering
– Traditional measurement software, Metrologic Metrolog II
– Production management Software: DM Gestpro
– Data exchange: Odex (Standard Odette), KVS
– Laser Measurement Software: Innovometric Polyworks and Steinbichler
– Simulation of moulding FEM: Autoform

Moulding simulation

The calculation to Autoform finite element allows to evaluate the feasibility of the element during the bossing and to analyze the elastic recovery after laser cutting. This analysis allows you to pamper the moulds already in the planning stage and therefore to obtain a finished part with the volumes within the tolerances required by the customer, without having to make long and expensive manual recovery operations.

These benefits are amplified using high strength metal sheet. 

The machines available to our mould building department are:

– Zayer miller NC 5000x3200x1200 mm
– Zayer miller NC 3500x1500x1500 mm
– Sachman miller NC 2700x1400x1500 mm
– 2 Sachman millers NC 1800x800x800 mm
– Radial drill Mecof
– Lathe Excelsior
– Oven for material baked in Cerro Tru, for mould construction
– Oven for Zamak
– Drills, sheet metal cutting machines and other service tool 

The molding operations are carried out using:

– Hydraulic press 800 t 3800×2100 mm
– Hydraulic press 500 t 2500×1500 mm
– Hydraulic press 200 t
– Mechanical press 250 t
– Mechanical press of 150 t
– Mechanical press 70 t

We can carry out cutting of steel, stainless steel and aluminum, counting on:

– 5-axis laser cutting machine Prima Industrie Optimo 2545-2500 W with a range 4500x2500x920 mm

– 5-axis laser cutting machine Prima Industrie Rapido 5-2500 W with a range 3200x1500x600 mm

– 5-axis laser cutting machine Prima Industrie Rapido Evoluzione 2 Fiber – 3000 W with a range 4080x1530x765 mm

Our specialized panel beaters technician can use:

– 2 panel beaters machines Eckold
– 3 fixed spot welders up to 100 kW
– 3 hanging spot welding with two tongs to 25 kW
– Sheet metal shears
– 2 for sheet benders
– Boellhoff riveting
– nut assembly equipment, screws and Profil, Ribe, ABC riveting.

Boellhoff riveting

The plates are connetted by a semi-tubular rivet accentuated in hardness, in a single step without prior drilling, with little noise and zero emissions. The rivet is designed to penetrate through the upper material, and is expanded through the pressure of a nut under the lower material layer, which is not perforated: the junction is so localized and impenetrable to gas and liquids.

The testing operations are carried out using:

– Measuring machine Coord 3 TR32 (3200x1400x1000 mm) with software Metrologic Metrolog X4

– Measuring machine Poli Antares 3 (3000 x 1400 x 1000 mm) with software Metrologic Metrolog X4

– Measuring machine Coord 3 TR25S (2500 x 1200 x 750 mm) with software Metrologic Metrolog X4

– Automatic measuring machine DEA Wind-C-301420 (3000 x 2000 x 1400 mm) with software Metrolog Metrologic Geo Surf CNC

– Laser scanner T2 Steinbickler with GPS technology

– Comparison surface

– Plateau and gages marker control

Laser scanners T2 Steinbickler

During the test with laser scan it generates a point cloud that is compared to the CAD surfaces of the piece; in this we obtain a color map that immediately highlights any possible error.

It is also possible to perform the laser scan of a moulded part, in order to evaluate the elastic return and decide whether to vary the parameters of the press during the moulding.