We are highly specialized in the construction and assembly of metal sheet parts for the automotive sector, both in prototype and in the production of small series. We have a spirit that leads us to innovate, to create new ideas by following the technological development in our sector, but we have nurtured since always a handcrafted vocation that allows us to include all our experience in every job. For this reason we have chosen to remain a small company: only in this way we can offer the highest quality with low price and with maximum flexibility, offering to each of our customers a wide range of solutions, from manual operations to those with automated steps.

In 2018, a Ethical Code was adopted to underline the importance of transparent relationships with all interlocutors.

Our quality is certified by ISO 9001:2008.

A history of men and machines


Ours is now a long history, made up of people, ideas and industrial adventures. A history that starts in 1957, when Dilvio De Marco, now president of the company, begins his training as a metal sheet worker at ITCA, ancient Turin company. After five years he moves to Carrozzeria Bertone to follow in Monaco of Bavaria the prototypes department of BMW. Here he creates 2002 models, precursor of the Series 3. These are years of great development in the automotive industry, and De Marco choose to seize the challenge in first person: in a small warehouse in the west of Turin he founds the Martelleria De Marco, in which he deals with all the processes, partly manually, partly with hammers and Eckold machines. Ten years later, the company is grown: it changes the name to De Marco srl and moves to its present headquarters. It is the opportunity to give substance to a new way of working: in a few months new machines are bought to support manual labor, and begins the construction of prototype moulds.

But 1996 is the year of great changes: the laser for the cut of the moulded parts gives a decisive evolution to work phases; in addition, a new generation of manager joins the company: Riccardo and Gloria De Marco, the founder’s sons, begin to take care of the development of the reality of the family, that in the meantime has become s.p.a. (Ltd).

One year later is established the technical service for the CAD design of the molds, and from here the technical evolution continues until today with the introduction of new solutions for the design and production, including moulding computer simulation and laser scanning for the testing and reverse engineering.

The three principles of quality De Marco


To offer the best in every situation, we always follow three values that inspire the way we work:


know every aspect to perfection, to continuously improve


only who is passionate about what he does can obtain high-level results


every job needs the maximum concentration in each detail